What makes our designs stand out?

It takes a group of obsessed individuals to transform an industry!

Hand Block printing holds a special place in Jaipur. It's very exclusive & a highly skilled technique in which designs are carved on a set of wooden blocks and then stamped in colour and finally printed on fabric.

Here, at Phutari, we decided to spice it up by creating designs which you’ve only dreamt off. The vision of our founders is simple, “GIVE THE CLIENTS SOMETHING THEY CAN’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE MARKET”!!

The designs and patterns have been inspired by our day-to-day life, travel & experiences. Be it our very own Cat-A-Pillar, Chehre or even the Happy Hippos, all our designs are transforming the traditional hand block printing industry. Phutari is an effort, a promise, a thought, a vision, a glance of what is the future of handmade block printed products. It's a crossroads of history meeting the contemporary.

Honest effort is at the core of all the processes at Phutari, & while our main aim is to deliver high quality products at your doorstep, our vision is to support the humble & skilled artisans who deserve the most recognition & appreciation for keeping this hand block printing art alive.

There's something unique about products made by hand, they make you feel like you're never alone.