Introducing Phutari’s "Menswear" in designs & patterns which have never been “thought before and bought before”.

    What you wear is what you are, the one who wears it, needs to feel the purity & softness of cotton, needs to understand the elements of day to day lives which have been skillfully block printed on the fabric & must appreciate the work put into these clothes.

    People will always go with the trend & evolving fashion, but there are some who define their own.

    Create your own legacy, be different & be bold!!

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    The designs and customer service is the best thing about phutari. Their attitude is customer first and the overall shopping experience is totally worth it. To top it up their fabric quality is also really soft cotton, which makes wearing their products all the more fun & cool. Highly recommend this brand to all. Great work team Phutari.

    Avi Agarwal

    Hands down the best comfort clothing brand! I practically live in their clothes 😍the fabric is outstanding and the prints are super quirky! Thanks team Phutari for spreading joy through such wonderful clothes!

    Anmol Gupta

    Amazing product and quality. The designs are unique and different from any other brand. The customer support and delivery is super efficient. Highly recommend! Love Phutari!!

    Tanvee Gupta