What's our MOJO?

Deep in the princely state of India, Rajasthan which is famous for its hospitality, culture, tradition and craft, a word is used by the locals to describe anything beautiful in their native language marwari, that word being "phutari".

The foundation of the brand is built on joy and comfort - the joy of celebrating colours, larger than life motifs and comfortable silhouettes.

There's a bit for everyone here at Phutari.

We imagine our customers wearing our clothes while lounging by the pool, exploring new destinations, celebrating special occasions or simply spending time with loved ones.

Our customers are time travelers!!

The designs and patterns of our products bring together visions and beliefs of an individual. Be it our cute little Happy Hippos, the Iconic Agar Magar or the traditional jaipuri florals. Our designs will bring back your fondest childhood memories, designs, characters or moments.

At Phutari, we believe in freezing moments in time for all our customers. Once they experience the Phutari experience they’ll surely travel back and forth in time, depending on what they’d like to visualize in their surroundings, from their pillow cover they sleep on to the shirts they wear.

It’s all about travelling in time and picking out the best for yourself!!

Why phutari?

Phutari is an effort, a promise, a thought, a vision, a glance of what is the future of handmade block printed products. It's a crossroads of history meeting the contemporary. 

While the human hand is the essence and core behind all our products, the designs and patterns have been plucked from the past, present as well as the future. The beauty about this technique is the possibilities of designs, colors and patterns which can mixed to produce one masterpiece after the other. 

Our designs aren't just any ordinary pieces of art, behind every design and pattern is a an honest effort made by the artisan to help make you feel special and experience the magic of handcrafted block printed products. 

There's something unique about products made by hand, they make you feel like you're never alone.

Our designs will challenge you to break the monotony and get you out of your comfort zone. Your 9 to 5 or 5 to 9 will never be the same again. If you like change, if you need a new experience or if you just want to be you then surely Phutari is the one stop shop for you.

That's what we are....

The Phutari experience

Someone rightly mentioned that the first experience is always the last impression, however at Phutari, we’ve taken it to a whole new level.

For us, the first experience is an experience of a lifetime for all our customers. We believe in providing experiential as well as enhanced customer service. Your questions are emotions for us and we take massive actions on them.