What are the top 5 indicators of a trust worthy online store of a brand?

Online shopping will certainly increase exponentially in the future. However the risk and fraud will also be on the rise, the question is how to mitigate this issue if you're an online shopper? Here are top 5 indicators of a trust worthy online store: 

1. Online presence - It is imperative for a brand to have authentic online presence on various digital platforms, be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Not only do these platforms increase a brand's presence but also helps a brand to create a loyal customer base and following.

2. Authentic client testimonials - As an online shopper the easiest way to check the quality of the product is by reading the testimonials of previous clients who have shopped with the brand. Testimonials are most efficient way to find out the quality of the product you're thinking to buy.

3. New stock - A successful online store will always launch new designs and products. Failure to do so is an easy indicator about the brand's performance.

4. Legit contact numbers and email addresses - There are numerous online stores which do not show any contact details or email address. In a world where customers need instant gratification, it is an absolute must to have quick response time to all your customers query be it through phone, email or messages. If you're in doubt do contact the online store through any medium, there response will surely let you know about the quality of their customer service.

5. Online store itself - The user experience of an online store says everything about the brand, be it the website speed, payment gateway, about us page, policies or the product page. A user friendly, trustworthy online store would be very welcoming to all its customers. When you visit a good online store, you just know it, isn't it?