Journey from designing to packaging!

Phutari is known for its quirky prints and unique handcrafted clothing. Our founders always wanted to create something out of the box which wouldn’t be available anywhere else and I must tell you that this wasn’t an easy journey. We’ll talk about it some other time. Today we’ll take you through our intricate process of creating quirky handcrafted garments.
1. Design: Any new creation begins with an idea. As a homegrown brand, we’ve always been on our own. Our co-founders make designs inspired from nature, art and our culture and that’s what makes it inspiring and eye catching. 


2. Block Making: The design is then taken to the talented craftsmen of Sanganer where their talented artisans carve those designs on wooden blocks, each representing a different motif and pattern. Here at Phutari, we understand the importance of our traditional art forms and we take every step possible to preserve it.


3. Printing: Our local artisans transfer those carved designs onto the fabric. We use 100% cotton which is healthy for you and your skin. It sure is a meticulous process but our skilled craftsmen go through it every day with a smile on their faces.


4. Cutting and Stiching: Phutari’s team consists of experienced and skillful tailors who transform our quirky printed fabrics to chic and funky garments. They focus on details and give you that seamless garment which we all love.


5. Packaging: We believe in giving the literal BEST to you, so even when our tailors make the garments with absolute perfection, we always do a quality check before packaging your order with our eco-friendly packaging materials. We pack your order with utter care and love after which it is shipped with safety to your abode.

Our clothes are a testament to the brand dedication to traditional art, sustainability and innovation and Phutari will continue to do so for the rest of our lives!