How to manifest your reality!!

At Phutari, we're a bunch of individuals manifesting our reality on a daily basis from the very beginning.

One particular experience made us realize the importance of believing in our thoughts & working hard towards achieving it. 

We had launched our Chill Jams earlier this year (2021) & we still remember thinking wishfully, what if an A listed Bollywood actress wears it, just imagine!! Having seen the amazing feedback from our clients for our products we always knew that it was a matter of time, when someone will come across our website/ posts on social media & engage with us.

Dreams do come true, indeed. One of Bollywood's biggest actress Sara Ali Khan recognized us and appreciated our work & products, what better way to thank her than too see her wearing our "AGAR MAGAR" Chill Jam set!!

Not only did she wear it, but she literally lives in it, that's what she said!!

Sara Ali Khan in Phutari