YES, we make Nursing Friendly Apparel!

Becoming a mother for the first time can be really daunting, specailly when it comes to breastfeeding your little one!!
While it's true, that you want your baby's comfort & safety while feeding, we at Phutari have gone two steps ahead and solved this quest once since for all. 

Your hunt is now, over.
Chill Jams are the perfect clothing option for nursing moms. Your little precious & you (the mom), both have come to the right place;

Why are the Chill Jams the best possible option?
- You can easily feed your baby in public by loosing the drawstring and putting the baby inside without feeling awkward, the kaftan top will act as a blanket/covering.
- No hassle of a zipper, its also unsafe as the zipper might hurt your baby's sensitive skin.
- No need to carry an extra stole to cover your baby while feeding them in public.
- Skin friendly, breathable and 100% cotton fabric which is safe for your baby.
- Your style game is still on.

How to Style our Chill Jams?
Chill Jams are loose-fitted, airy garments designed to keep women relaxed and stylish from day to night. Pair them with minimal accessories for a chic look as our exclusive prints will do most of the talking ;)

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