7 Days 7 Prints

Phutari believes that prints & designs which can inspire us are all around us. Prints which sneak into our lives like colourful confetti, adding personality to every moment. It’s just a matter of noticing, be it your quirky shirt, your favourite chill jam or your warm & cozy quilt. They dance through your wardrobes and without even knowing they become an inseparable part of your life. Prints become joy, an epitome of confidence and a perfect way to escape reality, and to dive into a world of imagination and colours.
Let’s go through our 7 prints that will brighten the next 7 days of your week.

Day 1: Chehre

8 billion “chehre” in the world. Yet yours is unique, it’s your identity, it’s who you are!! Chehre represents your identity, when you choose Chehre you choose yourself, because it is the perfect confidence booster that you’ll need for the rest of the week to power through every challenge that could bring you down.

Agar Magar Chill Jams

Day 2: Agar Magar

In our daily lives we have to make different decisions from small to big, from unnecessary to necessary. Amidst all these different decisions one thing remains the same - the turmoil between your heart and your mind, and the only thing that can solve this turmoil is balance.

Agar Magar signifies that balance. Wearing Agar Magar will give you the confidence and comfort which will let you keep hustling and juggling between your heart and mind.

Cat-A-Pillar Chill Jams

 Day 3: Cat-A-Pillar

It signifies & symbolises the journey which we all have embarked upon. Life, as we call it, is a series of metamorphosis. We need to grow & change with time, & if we do it the correct way, there will be time to fly as well.
 So, when you choose Cat-A-Pillar, you choose growth.
Chidiya Udd Chill Jams

Day 4: Chidiya Udd

What does freedom mean to you?

Is it letting go of all your worries and sorrows or is it the ability to express yourself without any inhibitions?

Wear Chidiya Udd during midweek and let go of all the tensions that you have been carrying with yourself and be the best version of yourself.

Paradise Belt Dress

Day 5 : Paradise

As we are moving towards the end of our week, you might feel a little demotivated or tired. But look how far you’ve come. From drawing that amature scenery in your childhood to painting the scenery of life.

 Paradise will remind you that you’ve built a beautiful scenery for yourself and now no force can stop you.


Toucan Dress

Day 6: Toucan

As we hit the weekend, it’s time to reconnect with nature.

 With Toucan you feel the vibrant essence of nature which will calm your nerves and you’ll feel refreshed and prepared for the challenges life throws at your way.

SunBurn Chill Jams

Day 7: Sunburn

A bit of tan is like a prize, a reminder of all the hardships you overcame throughout the week. It’s also a reminder of abundance and blessings that have been showered upon you.

Sunburn is that Tan for you.

To celebrate that abundance, to celebrate that Tan, choose sunburn.

And get ready to go through all of it again for the rest of your life. Feel grateful for all the experiences of life because as they say “It’s The journey that makes you who you are, not the destination.”


Choose Phutari for a beautiful journey ahead!
Bon Voyage!!