COVID - 19 to the rescue!! Really..........

How COVID - 19 helped us?

Launching a start up in 2020 could have perhaps been the biggest blunder for a entrepreneur, however behind every challenge is an opportunity. An opportunity to create, visualize, work-on and most importantly expand. 

The lock-down if twisted around was also an opportunity to sit back and think, think hard and long about the future of the retail industry. With all the big players shifting towards the digital medium, it's a no-brainier to think about the future and possibilities. 

Having a strong digital presence is the key essential in building brand image, presence and perception. Not to forget that customer experience plays a pivotal role in the making or breaking of a brand. Therefore here at Phutari, we work around the clock to make sure that all our clients aren't just a one time buy, in-fact we treat them like stakeholders. 

Yes the product has to be a winning one, but to top it up, the customer experience on all digital and social media handles has to perform as per expectations as well.

COVID - 19 might have slowed down businesses but it also increased efficiency for a small start up like us. We could focus on all the basics to make sure the foundation becomes strong to support what's to come.